Why I don’t read news anymore…

I love Dave Asprey’s podcast, the Bulletproof Radio. I’ve learned so much from it and it is very inspiring. In the last podcast (episode 405), beside other things, Dave talks with his guest James Altucher about the idea of not reading the news anymore.

This is a sensitive subject for me because I also made this decision a while ago and is a constant subject for debate between me and my husband :).

Hearing it in the podcast, felt liberating for me, to see that other people, especially people that I admire and follow, are confirming my believes.

In their conversation, Dave and James are pointing out some things that I totally resonate with and they were most of the reasons behind my decision:

  • Most of the news are toxic – they put yourself in fight or flight or freeze mode. Everything is drama, everything is sensational. In my case, this was the most impactful thing. They are affecting me very much, and are triggering something that makes me agitated, sad, angry, moody….I have plenty of stress and drama in my personal life, why should I bring in more stress?
  • Do we know nowadays which news are true or fake?????
  • Most of the news are out of substance and they are “filling” the space between adds. Instead of losing 1 hour reading the so called “news”, I would rather read a book which actually is a concentrated form of information, based on years of research and which brings me more value than the news. We have limited amount of time that we can spend reading and I would rather fill it with quality information.
  • As Dave points out, YES, “There might be valuable stuff in the news, but the signal to noise ratio it terrible
  • And again, as Dave points out, you can configure your Facebook wall to make it “cleaner”.
    • I try to filter my Facebook wall as much as I can.
    • I unfollow people who post negative or un-useful stuff. They don’t have a place on my wall.
    • Also, I’ve configured my wall to see first the posts of the people/pages that I follow and I’m most interested in (you can do that too if you go on your wall, on the left side you have a menu and at the top of the menu there is “New Feed”. If you hover over it, and if you click on the 3 dots (…) you will get a drop-down menu and at the bottom you will see: Edit preferences. Click on that and then a popup window appears, and you have an option to configure: Prioritize who too see first). In this way, if I go on my FB wall, the first thing I see or read I will be the articles that have the most value for me. And most of them are articles and posts related to my interest: nutrition and fitness… ha ha, what a surprise  🙂 :).
    • I don’t follow random people, friends or pages. When I follow a new page, mostly are recommended by people I trust and if it turns out that they provide un-reliable or un-useful information, then there is the unfollow button
  • Plus…if I need, my husband informs me with the most important news, because he chose to read the news :). Is his decision….

Maybe I’m ignorant, but this is what I’m currently believe in and doing, and for the moment is working pretty well.

You don’t have to agree with me, or with Dave or James.

You have to go inside your mind and body, see what is important for YOU and what brings more value to YOUR life and take a decision based on that, not on what others are telling you.

But remember that the fight, flight or freeze response that the human body is wired to have when it feels stress (even if it’s just emotional/intellectual or imaginary), is a fact… Just saying…

If you want to listen/see/read David’s podcast, here is the link.

The conversation related to this topic starts at the minute 21:54. Before that they are talking on another topic.

I hope you will enjoy it.


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