About me


Hey you!

It all started with realizing that I need to lose some weight… of course. So I followed my first diet… Then after a while, I tried another one, and then another one… Until I start reading more about the science behind eating and how the body works, trying to understand why things are happening to me and how? I start reading more about micro and macro nutrients, hormones, mindset, sleep… And I found that they are all interconnected… It’s hard to balance one without balancing the other… And then a new world opened to me and changed my life completely!!!

Working in IT and looking around, I was seeing people with different problems some acute and other chronical, most of them similar with mine (and I’m not talking here only about extra kilos). They were caused mainly because of the lifestyle they were having.

Then I decided that I have to help my colleagues and my friends working in similar environments, either in IT, banking or whatever desk job they have.

I want to help them and to help YOU to get your body back, to have energy at the end of the day to do activities with your family and friends and not to crash on the couch in front of TV.

I want to help you to add years to your life but most important to add life to your years.

I want to help you to BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOU!